The Netherlands

I’ve just had the pleasure of calling Amsterdam home for the last few months, which was undoubtedly a whole lot of fun, but not without its difficulties!  Although there is a whole lot to like about this city, as well as its surroundings towns and villages, it sure is a difficult place to move to and live in.  Quite often, Dutch people are not quite as friendly as you might expect towards tourists like myself.  This is probably because there seems to be far more people visiting Amsterdam than it can really handle.  Just walking around near the center of the city, on most nights of the week, is a real pain.  Masses of tourists are sprawled throughout the narrow streets, and alongside the picturesque canals.  The sheer mass of people in such a compact city, can make finding good photographs difficult, but there sure are plenty of pretty sites all around the city.  And, with a little patience, it’s possible to get some great shots.  I’m particularly fond of photographing the lights on the canal at night, surrounded by beautiful  architecture, often dating back to the Dutch Golden Age, and occassionaly as far back as Medieval times.  Although after a number of devastating blazes, a lot of the wooden houses have been rebuilt, and since the fire of 1452, wood as a construction material has been banned.  Also, places like Harlem and Ultrecht, or Zandvort- which is on the coast, can provide some amazing sites, such as castles, windmills, and national parks, that are all a welcome relief from the crowds of Amsterdam, with lots of surprises in store for those willing to delve a little deeper into the Dutch countryside and style of living.    

Here are some of my favourite photographs from my time in Amsterdam. Enjoy.