For my first post, I’m going back to where it all began- my hometown of Ballybay.

Ballybay is a picturesque little town in the heart of Co. Monaghan,  which sits on the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The town is surrounded by the rolling drumlins for which Monaghan is famous, as well as many lakes both large and small, which are pretty much the sole drivers of tourism to Ballybay in the form of the odd group of fishermen.  As you might imagine, Ballybay isn’t the most exciting place to live, not a whole lot happens from one end of the year to another, but its natural beauty is undeniable and its something that I’ve grown to appreciate more as I’ve tired of life in big cities, and especially once I started taking landscape photographs.

I hope you enjoy this selection of my photos from the area.  They all celebrate the local heritage of the area and I hope they might convince a curious stranger perusing this post to take a look for themselves someday. There are old estates with fascinating ruins throughout the county, there are ringforts and neolithic rock art too, old remnants of the the Great Northern Railway line, the Ulster Canal, lots of native wildlife, and much more besides if you ever do decide to stop by.