Welcome to the world as seen through my camera lens.  On this site you’ll see some parts of the world from my own unique perspective.  Places that I’ve spent time enjoying and thinking about enough to want to record for posterity.  I’ve got a decades worth of photos and counting, from both on, and off the beaten track, and I’ll be picking some of the more interesting ones to showcase here.  I’m starting with one location at a time, so this could be quite an arduous process.  I do hope you bear with me and come back and visit again somewhere down the line to see how it’s coming along.

Click on places at the top of the page to see how my little project is going.  I’m trying to provide some background on the places too so that you get some idea as to why I find them interesting locations, and also on the off chance that you might want to go see some of them for yourself sometime.  And, if you happen to see anything you like, or indeed that you don’t; then get in touch all the same, because I find all views on my work interesting, and they really do help my photography.  Just fill in the form below. Thanks for dropping by.