Welcome to the world as seen through my camera lens.  My name is Feargal Norton and I’m based in Cork, Ireland, but I like to spread myself around.  I’ve got a decades worth of photos and counting, from both on, and off the beaten track, and I’ll be picking some of the more interesting ones to showcase here. I’ll be focusing mostly on the hidden places and things that people don’t usually come across too often. I’m starting with one location at a time, so this could take a while. Come back again anytime.

Click on places at the side of the page to see how my project is going. Sometimes I’ll provide some context about my images, and sometimes I won’t, depending on whether it seems necessary, otherwise I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  And, if you happen to see anything you like, or indeed that you don’t, then get in touch all the same by leaving a comment.  If you’d like to buy some of my work, or you’ve got a commission for me, then do drop me a line. Thanks for stopping by.